Starfleet Command III

GT: What do you see as the role of music in games?

DP: I think music plays a very important role in the architecture of the games. The music help set the mood and the action. it enhances the game playing experience.

GT: Star Trek seems like a big departure from the types of TV programs for which you've written scores. Do you approach writing music for science fiction themes in a different way than for more down to earth dramas?

DP: Yes, the music for science fiction will have a different feel than a romance. The characters and storyline dictate the style of music I will create.

GT: How do you go about writing music for games based on such familiar  franchises as Star Trek? Do you take into account the large body of familiar music already associated with such franchises?

DP: When you are working with a franchise like Star Trek. You by all means take into consideration the original music, you have to respect it but I do compose original music for those games. The characters and storyline dictate the music.

GT: How much freedom do you have in developing the score for a game?

DP: With the Star Trek Games. I have quite a bit of freedom because the game developers and I have a relationship and they trust my judgment.

GT: Is there a game or game franchise for which you would particularly like to write the score?

DP: I would love to score the games for The Matrix, Lord Of the Rings, Spiderman, or Star Wars.

GT: Do you play games yourself? If so, what are some of your favorite games or genres?

DP :I love videogames. I love games with a lot of action. I have so many favorites I cannot narrow it down to just one. At different times I enjoy different games.

GT: Thank you for your time!