Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Tips & Secrets

"always "shoot and scoot". Never stay in one place. sure way to get killed. sneak. 3/502 101st ABN" - sneakyshadow

"When sniping an enemy, always use weapon view. When engaging at extreme close range with little time to respond, always use the crosshair or zoom in for a better shot!" - V1Ru5

"When you destroy and armored vehicle. Don't stand up or reveal yourself as you may not have killed the entire crew. Wait and watch and pick them off as they try to get outa the burning hulk." - Logan

"Attack silently and always get a RPG launcher, it will make life a lot easier , you'll see! When you get a small squad, try to get your hands on any armoured vehicle, it will protect you and you'll be able to advance without any major difficulties." - Seferomujero

"If you wanna kill your'e enemy without beeing detected, just stay in a middle of a bush" - Magahed

"Always Stay behind cover with only your gun barrel poinring out from behind the cover and then switch to your gun aiming mode you will now be able to take down enemys while most of their bullets only hit the cover. Also a bust is not cover!" - Jackass