Warlords Battlecry II Tips & Secrets

"When your starting out you should start on camelot because it has lots of resources in the middle. I find that fey is a very good team because its cheap and you can build many of buildings with not much resources. You should try to get to lvl 3 then build a gold rainbow to upgrade your production. Then go get your enemies later in the game when you have collected up a war." - Dracon Mole

"When playing as the wood elvs quickly build the ranger guild and get all the upgrades then build 36 Gladwardens and put them in a line around your base, no one has ever got into my base with them around not even 3 dragons" - Archer

"All heroes are devastating at level 25 and above. If your hero cannot go face2face with a titan at level 30, you just threw away a lot of your gaming time.

The very best hero is the one achieving his full specialist advantages early in the game, say at levels 6-10.

Dark Dwarf Merchant is my favorite hero, leading, of course, masses of golems and siege machines, shadows and wyverns.

Al level 7 I think, you have a merchant skill of about 20, plus 25% discount on all golems and siege machines, the backbone of your armies. You basically produce golems at the price of goblins. Plus, with your mines full of engineers (they count for two), resources flow steadily at the proper rate.

Lastly, the race is well balanced in terms of resources dependency. You don t depend mostly on one resource, like minotaurs, humans or undead. Building golems with stone, shadows with crystal, siege machines with metal and wyvers with gold, you can amass a mighty punch for your enemies.

My favorite tactic is RAMPANT, for upgraded units they can withstand hard punishment before falling, and having the hero around converting mines (just in case, put shadows guardian the hero)." - Gimlak Naj Mul