Warlords Battlecry II Tips & Secrets

"where mines etc are being constantly disputed between you and other heroes - after you convert it destroy with ctrl+d - it gives you an instant boost in resources and the other hero cannot convert it until it has regenerated - when you can do it all again!" - dave

"When you start your quest or campaign you should at least have two builders handy in the beginning. Why? One builder builds your main command post near the resources which will spit troops out and the other builder should build another main command post somewhere guarded. The second command post will be used for upgrades when the first will be used to but builders in the resources. In the meantime your hero should be converting the mines from a safe distance away from the building that is going on. It is easier to give multiple commands if the game is paused. I have found that to be the best strategy. The AI converts their mines as as you go in to the damn level so when you go into the level press F12 and then command your troops to do what they have to.it is also essential to build more than one barracks for they can spit out twice as many troops, you do the math. It is a good idea to build the resource improving building asap because that will help you prosper. Well good luck and happy killing!" - RustyRazor698

"When playing the Elves it is useful to have few Sorcecers in your retinue while playing the campaign. In this way you can raise Zombies which you can put in your mines to aid in resource production." - emperor

"When playing as daemons, get to a lvl 3 keep and then get the summoning tower. upgrade the brood ability and then you can start getting 8 quaists for 240 gold. Send the Quaists into mines to increase resource production." - ImDeath_Mon

"You should always note that your enimy will always (for as long as i have played this is true) start in the opposite corner to you. Playing as the demons has a gread advantage, start with as many demons as possible and then send them out to explore the map, or try and destroy the enimy while it s weak. Also note that some hero's will be able to defeat 4 demons and live.
If the AI is anoying you by sending attacks often, kill the hero and those attack will all but die out, may be they will send one basic infantry to keep you busy. Oh and as i found out, when you play as the humans, the birds can't attack ground units. Use them to soften up the enim and destroy their towers!" - droid

"If your playing with daemons my advise would be that you build level 5 keep and summonig tower with upgrade that you can produce daemons faster and cheaper.This will help you a lot when playing with daemons and you ge tstrong army fast if you produce daemons(by the way daemon army is one of the best in the game)" - anonymous