Destroyer Command Review

Unfortunately, the multiplayer game is not the only buggy part of Destroyer Command.  Using the vessel identification reference provided with the game brings up a missing DLL error.  According to the manual, ships can be steered by selecting a compass heading, but in reality clicking on the compass does not have any kind of effect whatsoever.  Sometimes the view from the observation post gets locked and at other times guns fail to fire manually.  The tutorial in the manual contains several errors, including refering to incorrect hot keys.  Destroyer Command has all the hallmarks of a game released before adequate testing was done on it.

The AI in the game also could have used more work before release.  Issuing a change of heading order to your fleet is always an adventure since the player's ships have a very annoying habit of constantly running into each other.  Ordering a salvo of torpedoes fired into an enemy fleet often results in a ship or two launching their torpedoes straight into their squadron mate's hull.  The enemy AI is not much better, only occasionally exhibiting signs of rudimentary tactics.  In one session, we were able to destroy a Japanese battle fleet consisting of a carrier, battleship, cruiser, several destroyers, and a host of merchant ships.  We sank the enemy fleet with a squadron of four destroyers, losing only two of them.  Our tactic?  Pull alongside the enemy fleet and concentrate fire on one ship after another until they were all sunk.  The enemy air units are not much better - enemy planes obligingly come by in groups of four at a time, making them easy pickings for AA fire.  

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 38%. If you really love World War II naval combat and have a very high degree of patience, then maybe take a look at Destroyer Command.  Just be sure to check for patches on a regular basis.  Everyone else should pass on this one.

System Requirements:  266 MHz Pentium II CPU; 64 MB RAM; 16 MB Video RAM; 4x CD-ROM; 750 MB Hard Drive Space; Mouse.

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