Baldur's Gate II Game Guide

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  Near the Circus is a cage with a Moose... and a Squirrel.  Rocky and
  Bullwinkle, anyone? (many, many people sent this in)

  Create an Elf and name him Drizzt.  Then by Chapter 6 have a reputation less
  than 12.  When you bump into Drizzt... he is annoyed that you swiped his
  name!  Sure, he fights you for his name's honor, but it sure is funny.

  Also if you imported from Baldur's Gate and had any of Drizzt's Items on you,
  then Drizzt will be very upset when he meets up with you.  He won't
  necessarily fight you, but it could lead to that (anyone who is GOOD in your
  party won't assist you, though).

  In the back of the Adventurer's Mart are two paintings.  Look at them closely
  and also click on them.  Recognize them?  They are taken from the old
  Dungeons and Dragons cartoon!

  There's also a picture of Elvis on the second floor of the Five Flagons.
  (again many people sent this one in)

  Fearghus (Waukeen's Promenade) is the name of the Black Isle division

  There is a commoner named "Neeber" in Trademeet who constantly pesters you
  with inane questions and comments.  Just like a certain "Noober" used to do
  in the first game.

  Biff the Understudy (in the really awful theatre play) is the character that
  would appear in Baldur's Gate when the regular character could not appear.
  (i.e. if that character was dead, but still had something to say)

  Ask the barkeeper in Imnesvale about the Umar Witch and he'll give you a
  book titled "The Umar Witch Project."

  The Knights of Solamnia in the Planar Sphere are from Dragonlance.

  There's another, bit more obscure AD&D reference in the Planar Sphere...the
  halflings.  Took me a bit to place them, but the cracked dry earth and the
  village built from bones...those are feral halflings from the old Dark Sun
  setting. (Bill Ray)

  One of Edwin's plots goes awry leaving him in the form of a woman.  Jaheira
  mocks, Anomen pretends to want to champion "Edwina", and so forth.  Then take
  "Edwina" to see Silvanus at the Copper Coronet (the Elf by the counter), who
  will be quite attracted to Edwin.  And Edwin is ALMOST attracted to Silvanus
  as well!  Not only that, but Bioware did up an entire FEMALE voice set for
  "Edwina" as well!  Hilarious!

  Cyrando the Gnome romantic (at the Temple District at night) provides the
  words for Garrick to woo a woman with.  Just like Cyrano the Big Nosed
  Romantic of literary fame.  There are actually 4 little mini-events attached
  to this one that take place over time.  Eventually Cyrando and the Lady
  get married and Garrick runs away with one of the bridesmaids.

  One of the Sentient Sword's battle cries is: "Murder! Death! Kill!!", which
  is the term for a homicide from the movie, Demolition Man.  Also a reference
  to the game MDK... MurderDeathKill.  Get it?

  In the Bridge section where the Five Flagon is located, there are a pair
  of thugs that fight each other for the love of a girl named Bubbles.  Their
  names are Shank and Carbos.  If their name is familiar, it's because they
  were in Baldur's Gate.  They were the thugs that tried to kill you in
  Candlekeep.  They hid inside houses.  I'm pretty sure it's them since they
  have a lot of trouble hitting each other.  I've spent a minute or 2 watching
  them trying to kill each other without any success.  It doesn't seem to
  affect the game in anyway, but it's funny to see. (from Death Crow)

  In the Asylum, one of the mages gives you a worthless scroll (memo) that says
  that that the scroll is worthless, that it is indecipherable and that it is
  most likely the ravings of a madman. Anyways, the scroll is decipherable
  although not within the game though. The text of the scroll says:

    "Qc terxepssrw evi jypp sj aiewipw. Mrjsvg xli Uyiir, ws xlex wli qmklx
    wlss xliq eaec. Livi ai ks ' vsyrh xli qypfivvc fywl. Ks qsioic KS!"

  This translates into:

    "My pantaloons are full of weasels. Inform the queen, so that she might
    shoo them away. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Go monkey GO!"
    (from Hector E. Meza)

  In Chapter 4, in Spellhold, Aphril (sp?) talks of seeing a walking corpse
  talking to a pillar of skulls. References to Planescape: Torment, the hero,
  the Nameless One, who'll just wake up within minutes of dying. (from Matri)

  Contributing to your list of Easter Eggs, on the top floor of the Five
  Flagons there are what appear to be Elvis pictures on the far wall, and
  guitars on other walls on the same floor.  (from Per Jorner)

  Here's one: William Reirrac's last name is "carrier" backwards. While
  it's likely intentional, it's not necessarily a reference or a pun (people
  make up fantasy names in the strangest ways). (Per Jorner)

  The vampire named Durst is possibly a German pun - Durst is the German word
  for "thirst", and definitely a good name for a vampire to have.  Then again,
  I accidentally named a character "Darsteller" (actor in German) without
  thinking about it, so perhaps it's not intentional. (Brian Camley)

  Rob DeCaire sent in this one:

    Here's a "strange thing" that I didn't notice in the FAQ, but I thought was
    a pretty good joke.  In the Vulgar Monkey tavern in Brynnlaw, there's a
    pirate named "Pirate Newf".  If you talk to him, he sings a little shanty
    that goes:

      "I'se th' b'y that builds the boat
      And I'se th' b'y who sails 'er
      And I'se th' b'y that catches th' fish
      And brings 'em home to Liza"

    This is a joke for all the Canadians in the audience, since it's a fairly
    well-known song from Newfoundland, sung by a character named Newf.

  Voreth has some "Strange Things":

    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Boo") creates Boo (and we all know who Boo is).
    CTRL+Q him to add him to your party. He's very powerful, and even has his
    own paper doll. To keep him effective, don't equip any weapons in any
    slots, and DO NOT LEVEL HIM UP! (requires the EnableCheatKeys() cheat to
    be active)

    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Gorion") is fun, though it does require you to
    exit your game once it works. If you create Gorion, talk to him and choose
    a few of the dialogue choices (it's keyed to a different dialogue, so
    you'll see some pretty weird, including NPC, dialogues). He'll bring you
    through the BG sequence with him (bringing you over, casting Cure Light
    Wounds, etc.) and bring you to a forest (area number is the same as circle
    of stones in BG). There, you get stuck on a tree. Too bad. I wonder if
    Sarevok would have appeared and all. Oh, and the BG loading screen appears
    in front of the BG2 one, though off center and much smaller.

    (Note: I've only tried this in the Docks, so if you try it somewhere else
    and get different results, don't be alarmed...)

    You can also create Kivan, from what I've seen, though he doesn't say
    anything, his dialogues are bad, and he says what he should say on the
    bottom of the screen. Still, it's pretty fun. You can do this with Drizzt
    too, and get him to say some of Korgan's (voice acted) lines. So you have a
    Drizzt with a Scottish accent who says "Cure Disease" at the end of his
    dialogue. Answer his first question with the description of Summon Monster
    I for the rest of Korgan's dialogue.

  Xander77 found something interesting:

    If you use CLUAConsole to teleport to AR2700 (Only works in SoA) you will 
    find the remains of an unfinished test - an area with giant heads (not
    the one you find Illasera in) which force you to do battle with a slayer to 
    get a terrifying sword.

    You can get the sword with CLUAConsole:CreateItem("Killsw01")  -
    It's sort of like PST's Eviscerator

  NPC's from Baldur's Gate found in BG2 (but who don't join):


    Ajantis (killed at Windspear Hills by you, identified by Keldorn)
    Coran (can be killed by Safana in chapter 6, or becomes a drunk)
    Faldorn (seizes control of the Druid Grove, killed by you to free it)
    Garrick (attempts to woo a woman, but fails)
    Khalid (found dead in Irenicus' Dungeon)
    Montaron (killed by the Harper's for breaking into their compound)
    Quayle (currently alive and well and running a circus)
    Safana (killed by Lanfear in chapter 6 after she attempts to kill you)
    Tiax (locked away in Spellhold, helps the main character beat Irenicus,
      dies in the attempt)
    Xzar (killed by a Harper assassin at the docks)