Baldur's Gate II Game Guide

3.2  > > > >  Working for Bodhi



      You cannot do this once you have joined with the Shadow Thieves.
      Conversely if you join here you won't be able to join the Shadow Thieves.
      Also, if the main character is a Thief, then Bodhi won't offer you a job
      at all.  Finally, if you attacked any of the vampires at night, she won't

      Once you have the 15,000 gold, merely go to the Graveyard at night to
      meet with Bodhi, the leader of the "rival guild."  Then meet with Bodhi.
      She knows much about you and your situation.  If you want, give her the
      money and she gives you a room in her crypt to rest in if you want.  You
      are also given a job.  Everyone in the party gains 36,750 experience.


      The first job is the reverse of what you would do with Aran, namely,
      disrupt the Shadow Thief shipment and take the cargo back to Bodhi.  Go
      to the Docks district.  Careful, as every Shadow Thief is now your enemy.
      Go to the southwest of this area, to the shipyards. (x 1850 y 3615)
      Kill the thieves and then search them for treasure:

        Shipment (needed for Bodhi)
        Rifthome Axe +3 (throwing axe, returns to sender)
        Short Sword +2

      Return with the shipment to Bodhi.  You'll find her in the crypt, main
      hall.  Give her the item and everyone in the party gets 28,500 exp.


      Bodhi takes the shipment and has a choice of two jobs for you, a "noble"
      task and a "not so noble" task.  You must pick one as you can't do both.

      Good:  Rescue Palern Flynn from the Shadow Thieves.  One of the Shadow
             Thieves turned traitor, but was captured and is currently being
             interrogated.  You must break into the Shadow Thieves compound,
             go to the second floor and rescue Palern.  You have about one day
             to complete this before he is killed.

             Go to the Docks.  This is easiest done by going in the side door
             on the Shadow Thieves building (x 1000 y 1200) as this leads
             directly to the second floor.  Clear out the thieves on this level
             and then talk to Palern to free him.  There are also some minor
             treasures on this level.

             Return to Bodhi for 28,500 experience for everyone and another
             job. (If Palern was killed, you get no experience)

      Bad:   Kill Senior Armagaran Vulova and implicate the Shadow Thieves.
             Bodhi wants you to kill a member of the government and set the
             blame to fall on the Shadow Thieves.  She gives you a Cloak and a
             Dagger for you to place in Vulova's fountain once the deed is 
             done.  Oh, and if you have Good aligned players, they will 
             complain vociferously about this.  Head out to the Government

             You will find Vulova's Estate at the very top of the map here
             (x 2400 y 133).  Walk towards him and he'll automatically talk to
             you.  You can tell him to just die, at which point you have to
             fight his goons.  Once he is dead, place the Cloak and Dagger in
             his fountain.  If you let him live you will not get experience
             from Bodhi later.

             Return to Bodhi for another 28,500 experience for all party
             members and one last job. (and again if you didn't kill Vulova,
             you get no experience)


      Your final job for Bodhi is to assassinate the secret leader of the
      Shadow Thieves, Aran Linvail.  You will first need to get the key from
      Gaelan, so go back to the Slums.  Gaelan's house is just to the left of 
      Jan Jansen's tower (x 3140 y 1170).  Kill Gaelan and take his key. (He 
      has several other magical weapons, etc.)

      Go now to the Docks.  Enter the Shadow Thieves Guild from the front
      entrance, kill everyone here and loot what you can.  Then open the 
      northeast door and enter this small room.  Search for the secret door on 
      the northeast wall (x 1380 y 330).  Open it and go in.

      After another battle with thieves here, you will find Tizzak (a member of 
      Bodhi's guild) just past a door down and right (x 1333 y 2220).  He asks
      you to kill the torturer to get his key.  Go right to find the torturer.  
      Kill Booter and take his key.  Return to Tizzak and free him.  He tells 
      you how to get to Aran.  Aran's lair is protected by two magical doors.  
      The first is opened via a button, while the second requires a key.  You 
      can probably find that key on Haz, Aran's right hand man.

      Go up the northwest passage (x 1100 y 1600).  At the fork, turn right and
      go up.  Make your way across this bridge, through the enemies until you 
      reach the room with the false buildings.  Beware of traps in here, they 
      will Maze you.  Head up the northeast passage.  This will be heavily
      trapped.  Here you will find a big red glowing button (x 3550 y 300).  
      Push it to open the first door.
      Back to the false building room, then take the southeast passage. (Beware
      of traps and orcs)  This leads to a couple of doors, go through those and 
      up the next passage.  Past this passage is a room that contains Haz the
      mage. (x 3820 y 1175)  Kill Haz and his goons to get the key to Aran's
      lair.  Go all the way back to where we first entered this level. (x 1333
      y 2220)  On the way back I was ambushed by Dedral and some Shadow Thieves
      (10,000 exp).

      Open the secret door on the northeastern wall (x 1550 y 1800).  Go all
      the way down this passage, through the orcs and elementals through the
      first door (which we opened with the button) to the second door (which
      you can open with the key).  Open it to find Aran Linvail, the
      Shadowmaster.  Aran has many Shadow Thieves with him, including Mages and

        Aran Linvail - 17,000 experience
                       Elven Chainmail +1
                       Amulet of Power (5% magic res., -1 casting time)
                       Ring of Protection +2
                       Short Sword +2
                       Light Crossbow +2

      Also search his chest (x 4500 y 1930) to find more interesting treasures:

        Ring of Djinni Summoning
        Katana +2

      We're done here, head back to Bodhi.


      She explains that while you want to help Imoen, she wants to get Irenicus
      and access his knowledge.  She admits that they are related, and that
      what he was attempting to do with you was to free your power.  She has
      arranged a transport for you to the Spellhold Island, aboard a ship.
      Whenever you are ready, tell her you want to go to the island.  Careful,
      you won't be coming back for a long, long time.