The Sims: House Party Tips & Secrets

"I don't use House Party to throw a good party -- I use it with Makin' Magic (late in the game) to stock up on family friends! First, stock up on Relationship Boost spells, maybe as much as twenty. (Each RB spell adds 25 to a relationship, and Sims with high Cooking receive more spells per "batch" of ingredients.) Then hire a caterer and start a party. When the guests come over, immediately say Goodbye who are family friends and don't need the Relationship Boost spell cast on them (ie. family friends with a relationship score over 75) -- remember that relationship scores of guests will drop while they're at your house. Then make new family friends by casting Relationship Boost on guests who aren't family friends (ie. a score under 50) and say Goodbye; this will take two or three castings to raise their relationship score to above 75. Finally, if you still have any Relationship Boost spells left, cast them on whoever's left (ie. guests with relationship scores between 50 and 75) suchthat their relationship score is over 75. Despite all this work, I only make three **new** family friends, but it will be a **long** time before I'll need to throw another party. And, since I'm on a Makin' Magic lot, I'll have plenty of magical growths from all the spells I just cast!" - Cedric aka. Washu! ^O^

"With the phone, throw more than one party to get loads of guests!
8-) bi-bi
P.S: Don't do this too much or the game slows down and you miss loads of stuff


The big cakes are great for parties." - Someone_you_wouldn't_know