The Sims: House Party Tips & Secrets

"To see the mood of your party, buy the moose head in the decorations. Then put it somewhere in your party room. As soon as your party starts look at the moose. If its antlers are up your party is slammin! If its antlers are down then your party is a dragg." - kd

If you ask the mime to leave and he says no, it's because either you guests are unhappy, or the party is a rubbish one!!

Gatecrashers are people who haven't been invited to your party. The come onto your lot, but can only enter the house if they have socialised with somebody.The way to tell them apart is the clothes and heads. Their swimclothes are different, as are the clothes and heads. Also, they don't change when everybody dresses up." - Nixy

"When you buy the buffet table, dont hire the caterer because I am pretty sure he costs more. Just fill the table yourself. I think it only costs 100 simoleans." - Laura

"Instead of making mutiple bathrooms complete with sinks and pictures and toilets and all that jazz, just make one big one with 3 or 4 sinks, then 3 to toilets. The catch is that you have to put walls around the toilets leaving 2 floor tiles for the sims to "do the duty". This way they dont fight over getting other people out so they dont see them and all runs smoother with less space taken up. Of course, while the Sim is in the small toilet area, their room will go down a lot, thats why you need to make sure you have plenty of art and pictures and all that junk when they come out to wash their hands." - Bagelwhore

"when throwing a house party keep going to the phone and selecting throw party, but wit different members of the house. they will ring different people up so more will come!" - blagga