The Sims: House Party Tips & Secrets

"As soon as you see the mime in the little window in the bottom right hand corner, hurry and build a fence around the entire property. This way he can't ruin your party, but on the other hand no one will be able to leave." - simcrazy21

"If you want to keep up your sims social happiness high, have more chances of forming relationships, bring in loads of money and just generally enjoy the game then at the beginning of the game create six adults who all live together, in a "BIG BROTHER" type scenario. 5 can go out to work and the other can lounge at home or build up cooking skills and friends for the household. U won't have to hire a maid or gardener cos the house sim can do all that! Meanwhile the others are earning a wage. Also if someone has a baby then there's always a sim ready to take care of the baby! You will need a few toilets and a very large bedroom to fit everyone in though but throwing a party is wicked cos if all your houses in the neighborhood are full of adults to maximum capacity then your parties are massive!!!! Enjoy!" - KRUST

"always have a buffet table and always have a caterer cuz the guests will then be happy" - chazz

"when the mime shows up, you don't need to ask him to leave! once your party boots up a bit he'll go away!" - tina

"Always make shure that your sims don't go to sleep,The guests will leave if they do." - Elizabeth

"NEVER EVER let your sim child use fireworks or itll kill her/him strait on the head!!It happend to my sim child!!:(:(:(:(:(" - Jean

"When people come over for a party, instead of having to make the meal your self, hire a caterer and they will fill your buffe table and punch bowls." - Princess

"After a party, save your Sims the work of asking all the guests to leave. Enter in the move_objects on cheat, and use it to delete all the guests. They'll still show up if you ask them to another party." - Wormy