The Sims: House Party Tips & Secrets

"i would suggest that you have small parties cuz its easier to keep ur guests happy. but if u want drew carey to come over to ur house, then u should have a big party." - volleywoman

"Mimes are pathetic and boring so when they come into your house uninvited a good way to get them to rack off is if you type in "move_objects on" then click into the shopping mall, pick up the mime and delete him. He will be of no bother to you anymore. Ah ha ha ha!" - Melissa and Dylan

"When having a party, always have your sims be in a good mood. If you don't, your sim will lose a few friends." - SarSim

"Hate That Annoying Clown? My Best Way In Getting Rid Of Him Is Launching A Rocket Anywhere In Or Out Of The House. If Your Lucky You Might Just Get A Rocket On Him And Man Is It Funny To See Him Burn!
Hint: Move All Your Furniture Out! Put The Furniture At A Safe Distance, You Might Just Burn Your Love Bed! !!!Try It Out!!" - CrudMuncher032

"When you throw a party, be sure everyone is having a good time, and a celebrity will show up in a lime!! Very cool! I've only seen Drew Carry, but who knows who else will show up!?" - Tigersim

"Have lots of large, accessible rooms and plenty of bathrooms to avoid your guests getting into a bad mood and ruining the atmosphere!! Make sure you fulfill as many of your guests needs as possible, like your own sim, plenty of seating, food and entertainment. Encourage social interaction and fun by starting group actions and inviting lots of people to join in!" - chrissy