The Sims: House Party Tips & Secrets

"Try to make a party floor downstairs and then your home upstairs, that way your guests don't have to go upstairs to have fun." - hersheykiss021290

"If your sims are all depressed in the houses pick one house and make them have a party. When you go back to your other sims they will be happy again." - sweet

"When you have a party make sure that you have a big bathroom so that your Sims have time to wash there hands so they don't have to wait in a big line!" - Brandon

"If your party is really bad them Mr. Mime will appear. Be careful cos he will steal some of your objects if you do not send him away. So watch out!" - Emma

"If you want a great party, get a punch bowl. If sims drink a little to much, they get drunk. They start flirting, tickling, and giving backrubs to people they hate or don't know at all! If two sims get drunk a perfect relationship may happen. (Perfect time to propose)" - Fire Girl

"Give attention to all of your guests after the party starts so they are most likely to come over again." - Tori