The Sims: House Party Tips & Secrets

"Sims only go to the toilet when no one else is in there unless they love each other. you need a few bathrooms for a party." - jack

"If you put in the turntable and have a party, make sure you have speakers all around the room and put a dance floor in front of the DJ. " - Ryan

"If u have a big enough party, Drew Carey will come in a limo." - Sweetheart

"If you want to to make a good party make sure you you talk to everyone, you have a T.V,  You have a drink fountain and food table. Also you want to extremely make sure you have a D.J, dance floor and music. Extra Bathrooms, doors, food, drinks , and fun would be nice for the sims. That is what it takes to though the best party. ( It's not easy !!!!!! )" - Dude to Dude

"Don't have parties very often because they are a lot of work and after you have on than it is hard to clean up. Also don't hire any cake dancers because if it is a woman, than she could go over and kiss a guy sim and we all know what that means...." - Bryan Quigley