Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Tips & Secrets

" civ Britons
2.dont build walls and towers they waste stone stone and gold are the most valuable resources in the game look farms can last forever as long as you have wood wood is all over the map gold lasts for a very short time and stone shorter.
3.begging of the game use your scout to find all the gold and stone there is on the map 4.use your villagers to get the forage bushes and the sheep and wood 5.go to the fuedal age and then send parties of 5 villagers each to get all the gold get like 10 parties of villagers walls there useless they just use stone and take time to build use your stone to build 4 castle one in each corner of your base keep your base compact 7.eventually you can build an army if your the brits build elite long bowmen and cavaliers and a vouple of trebuachets then you attack but not after the enemy has attacked you for a long time make your enemy use all his resources in the beging of the game the when he needs gold and stone there wont be any your long bowmen and cavaliers should be able to kill any of his good units and when he has no quality units left he like a sitting duck this strategy might take long but it is so succesful and no one can beat it" - Matt Boylan

"ok 1st things 1st

1. Build up your defences.
2. get your food and gold up to at least 10,000 3. make plenty of houses for troops.
4. build some stables or barrics and get everything reqired for a paladian or champion 5.once you'v done all of that, press enter and ther should b a box called "Chat"
6. Type in "aegis" (with out the ")
7. send a villager to the enermy and make sure he/she doesnt die.
8. build a stable/barrics in the centre of your enermys town 9. once you'v build ur stables/barrics, click on the paladian/champion as many times as you can and soon you'll have an entire army inside the enermys town. soon your paladians/champions are "summoned" they'll destroy 1 building at a time and as they use the phrase "they'll eat your enemy inside out" " - The Surpriser

"ok first off im reading alot of these tips and they say the Byzantines are the best civ.. no, ill admit a large group of E. Cataphracts do damage because its almost like having alot of Paladins only better against infantry, but. I've had times where I've sent in 80 E. Cataphracts and lost all of them with monk archer and of course siege support. so no. The Best large group unit 40+ is the Elite Magnudi. You can defend or attack with them very well. First they have an attack bonus versus siege weapons so if you are defending against scorpions rams or trebuchets they're dead. now onagars just move around and you can kill them easy. E. Magnudi are tied for the fastest unit in the game so you can always retreat to a castle or group of towers for support. And while there are other large unit groups that can kill magnudi yes.. you just have to control them yourself when they are getting overwhelmed.. which rarely happens. my civs list would probably be 1. Mongols ( large group of E. Magundi are unstoppable and have great siege weapons) 2. Spanish (strong monks and conquistadors are good have good tech tree and bonuses) 3. Koreans (good towers war wagons are very good against most units.. personally i dont like them but they are an extremely good civ) honorable mentions: Teutons, Britians, Persians, and Saracens Byzantines ( no they arent the best but they are still very good)" - just call me ryan