Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Tips & Secrets

"If, like me, you are lazy about quickly building up your economy, and you end up fighting several enemies who all have in the region of 10 castles and heavy fortifications, the best thing to do to defeat them is to create millions of your most powerful unit; paladins for example, hurskals are very useful in this respect because they are practically imune to long range fire and can be created quickly at a baracks, and do some scouting; the computer is ususaly stupid enough to leave a gap in his walls where he is cutting wood, and charge all of your units in; go for his castles first, and don't divide your forces unless you have to many to have them all attacking a castle at once.

The only way in which this tactic does not work is against bombard towers; go around them whilst destroying them with trebuchets etc." - Robo

"well everybody is saying that the byzantines are the best, but i have realized that the huns are the best because they dont need any houses, so you can save up wood to build many barracks, archery ranges and stables (the more barracks, archery ranges, and stables you have, the more spearman you are able to create)" - diiiiiiiiiiiiiik

"ok the trick is at the beginning of the game, research loom and then delete your town center. Then, delete all but one villager and keep 1. Take that 1 villager and your scout to the enemies base and attack. You will win every time!" - weenis

"So, you must really like the game like i do, if you come to this site! well, i am an Age of Empires Freak! i love the game, and have been playing it for about 7-8 years. So far, I have found that If you are going on the offensive, you could use the Byzantines, and if you are going more on the defensive, a good team is the Huns, if you are on "all Technologies" and have put in "aegis", a code that makes the game move along very fast. Now, I think the Best team for offense and defense would be the Turks. I have used them, because of their cannon-type units, and their high performance jannisaries. If you decide to try this, follow the steps.

1.Build your city, upgrade all technologies, and advance to the castle or imperial age(used better in the Imperial age) 2.after city is built, with duplecites of each military building,build a fortified wall around your city.
3.after wall is built, put bombard towers and guard towers on the outside of the wall, put them right against the outside of your wall.
4.after towers are structured, go to your siege workshop, and create 20 siege onagers, and10 Heavy the siege units against the towers, but scatter them out.
5.After that go to your castle and create about 50-100 Eleite Jannisaries. place them in groups of ten or so, with your siege units.
6. after that, build another fortified wall around all of your defense units. dont forget the gates.

If you did everything i said, it will be virtually impossible for your enemies to get into your city. you can follow up on there. i would suggest putting knights on the very outside of your empire city, just incase your enemies decide to bring along any other siege weapons or even tribuchets. good luck" - Kameron Elumbaugh