Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Tips & Secrets

"OK, i am an expert at AOE II and i have no idea what you guys are talkin about the Byzantinzes being the best. I do see how they have strong units in the game but the Celts, Aztecs, most USEFUL!!!
THE BEST." - Stealth_Hunter

"this is a great thing to do, i just thought of it when the beginning of a game, take 1 villager (or more to go faster) and go to a a palisade wall" - we're going to 7!

"ok all you have to do is be a civilisation that has light cavalry or hussars (hussars are better). Then put about 25 villagers on farms (the more the better). So now u have tons of food (it's pretty mucy unlimited). Later, build as many stables as you can ( i made 13 once), and make lots of hussars in every one of them, and set the gather point all to the same u will have an instant army! Send them in for an attack, and IF you die, just make a bunch more! it is basically unlimited hussars so you can make as much as you want (unitl you reach the population limit). Now you can wipe out your enemy easily, have fun" - shawn dawn

"If you are a beginner , play with the Byzanthines. You have 3 villagers , so put two to build a mill and the other one a house, meanwhile your scout explores the map. When the TOTAL VICTORY" - Coco the Conqueror

"the vikings are the best on the islands map. u build a lot of houses then make 15 villagers. 6 on gold 7 on wood 1 on stone the rest and more on farms. u should get about 5000 wood gold and food before u start advancing. in the feudal age build a wall with a tower in every corner. then make a town center and stable archery range barracks etc. in castle age make a castle in the walled area. also in the feudal make 20 galleys upgrade them all the time. research fletching to help the galleys. build castles to defend the shore line and kill ALL enemy transport ships. build cannon galleons and kill every thing u can. build a town on a uninhabited island and make like 4 castles and fill them with berserks. research berserker gang to help the berserks heal. then when u invade bring along 3 villagers to make a town center castle and any thing else. siege rams are really good loaded with arblasts and berserks cause arrows do like nothing to th rams. when u load up the transports escort them. before u invade go in with elite Viking longboats and eletie cannon galleons to soften up there towers and castle and what not. let ur berserks heal as necessary well i kicked Korean butt with this and it will work against any civ. BEWARE OF ROCK THROWERS. thats it ." - anonymous