Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Tips & Secrets

"Everyone is talking about that the best civilization is the bryzantines, that not true, of course is true that they special unit is one of the best but is very weak agaist a group of 7 of 10 archer, also the best civilization is the one that fits on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Defenive, Ofenive or neutral, example i use very often in multiplayer games i use briton cuz I like Archer and Longbowbem there the civ that fit on mee, i see player use the goths agaisth mee and i eay beat them cuz they use just for victory and doesn t work on them, like i said i keep my longbowmen in a group of 40 and the hulkssar just die and die so you see play the civ that fit on you the one that you have a bond, get it!" - Duke of games

"If ur enemy is byzantines be the turks,janissarys have 8 range and 22 attack and excel at all calvary and infantry, use camels or cavaliers vs archers!" - Krazy Kiwi

"one of the most hilarious guerilla tactics is taking 15 elite conquistadors and going the enemys walls or army of pals or whatever and just run up, shoot a shot kill a few units run get a good distance, shoot again keep hit and running, until you get back to your safety place or whatever like what i had was a castle and like 3 bombard cannons with like 30 pals and 30 pikes just standing there and they would just leave.. so yeah just keep harassing your enemy it gets them annoyed, hella funny" - MaCaTtack

"this is a good stratigy

send a larg army neer your enemys base and scope out the gates and what kind of trade routs they have when you see a trade cart comming in sneak a few of your men into the base once you have all of your men in there reak havok

have fun! " - king rick

"My Favorite Civilizations
#1 Spanish
Why I chose Spanish as #1? It has good bonuses to the military.
They can Upgrade all useful units except the archer Their Unique Technology is Supremacy, which upgrade villagers to fight like dark age militia Builders work 33% faster, useful for building castles and towers and other buildings, especially if you want to beat your enemy quick Blacksmiths dont need gold for techs. u can save more than 2000 gold with that Cannon Galleons upgrade from chemistry. This is crazy, because once this is upgraded, your cannon galleons can shoot faster and more accurately, useful for killing the units that run away from shots and espcially ships Trade units return 33% more gold. The Spanish seem to never spot in getting and saving gold, which is valuable for builing those elite units and bombard towers and the high cost techs The spanish also have 2 unique units: the Conquistador and the Missionary. Both are mounted. The Conquistador is a mounted hand cannoneer and the missionary is a mounted monk. Good for the fast paced attack, with a combination of fully upgraded halberdiers, paladins, and a mix of onagers, Siege Rams full of Pikemen, and trebuchets. Have back up villages with their bonus attack to repair siege weapons and build Military Building defended by a castle o towers and maybe a fortified wall. This way you have a fortified military outpost, cranking up unit at the front line while your econmoy is rising and defend by defensive structures and extra units If you want to scare your opponent, build on their territory, inside their walls while your units constantly attack, claim land that cant be rebuilt on by their helpless and weaker villagers.
Have Fun. Hope this didn't take too much of your time!" - camcar