Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Tips & Secrets

"If u r a person that enjoys playin multiplayer on msn, heres some tip. The best team combo r brits and saracens. The reason bein that saracens can kick any calvary's butt and brits will handle all the other units like pikes and turks or any non-calvary unit. Put the saracens in front of the brits so the saracens can take on any on comin calvary and since brits have such a long range they can kill any unit from behind. Also make sure to put both units on stand ground so they don't seperate. Make sure u keep them together at all times and u have a real strong, unstoppable team." - xpowerx0

"if u want to pulverize your foes i sugest the goths cause if u go to the castle age reserch the thingy at the castle that makes your huskarls be created at the baracks. then advanse to the next age and research the other thing that makes the huskarls be created 30% faster. now build lots of baracks and then start creatin lots of problems for ya enemy!" - bad speller

"Hi all i have now been playing aoe for what 2 years and all the peeps who are saying this country is best nah this one is shut up to all of you the best country to be is byzanties so shut up about everything else" - King Ryan

"If you really wanna put the fear of God in someone, I'd suggest the unstoppable, chaotic hordes of the Goths. Build about 75 villagers, about 25 barracks, load them up and set their rally point in the enemy's town. That's it. End of story. Once you get to this point, there is no force in heaven or on earth that can stop you, because there is absolutely no one who can keep up with the furious pace of production that allows those little buggers to pop out. Period." - Macdogma

"i find that havin 3 groups of about 40 soilders (footsloggers) and i unit of about 40 cavalry works well. keep one unit of soilders at home and send the other two out to do some damage. the goths do this well with their anarchy tech. if you are playing the turks or the british (realy good) than make a third unit of your special missle guys, give them stand ground orders and station them in the middle of an enemy town. (beware of castles, town centers, and maongels)" - da_boss