Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Tips & Secrets

"If you enjoy archery the Britons are by far the best civilization for this. over all they come in 2nd (behind the Byzantines), but are mostly defensive. In order to do a good offensive attak you will have to get a lot of longbowmen (2 or 3 groups of 40 to be effective). to make the longbowmen even more effective intermix them with monks and cavaliers." - Fatal

"Here is a list of what i think are the top 10 civs in AOE. you may not agree it depends a lot on your style of play. there are also a lot of counter civilizations also so this list will not always be acurate, for example: The Saracens counter the Franks very well (Mamalukes bonus attak vs cavalry) but you woudn't want to use them to counter the Britons because Mamalukes are not good against archers or infantry. (i plan to post a counter list of civalizations soon)


keep in mind that everyones style of play is different. A group of 6 of us just came up with this as a guidline." - Fatal

"If you are a beginer and your getting frustrated with the game, just be patient, if your lucky it will only take you a year or so to get good (it took me 4 or 5) just keep playing. Play chalanging games but not so much over your skill level that you get womped on. get on the zone sometime to test your skill against others, or if you have any friends who play get together with them and play. just keep playing you will get it eventualy." - Fatal

"Make alot of characters that are moderatly fast, and are VERY GOOD at guarding, then put in the code "Furious George" (when you put it in, do not include the " 's). If the code is put in correctly, you will have made an ape-like creature, and basicly, it has totaly wimpy hit points but it's fist's are alot like unlimited weapons of mass destruction. Have all the characters that are VERY GOOD at guarding guard Furious George annddddddd, BINGO, you have the Ultimate Weapon! P.S. However, you cannot control more than one Furious George at a time." - Ultimate Gamer