Command & Conquer Renegade Review

The multiplayer game plays out almost as a game of Command & Conquer at the ground level.  GDI and Nod players both begin with a base containing some very familiar structures such as Tiberium refineries.  Both bases automatically send out harvesters to gather Tiberium and generate extra resources for each side.  Destroying the enemy's harvesters will slow the generation of resources.  Resources can be used to allow players to upgrade to stronger characters with more personal weapons or purchase vehicles.  Once vehicles are produced, they can be manned by individual players, or crewed by several players at once, with one player doing the driving, the next manning the weapon, and others riding along for the protection provided by the vehicle's armor.

There is no base-building in Renegade, the structures are all preset and the destruction of the enemy's buildings are the primary goal of the game.  Destroying barracks or factories will deny the enemy unit upgrades or vehicles, and destroying all of the base structures will win the game.  Multiplayer games can also be won by placing an Ion Canon or Nuclear Strike beacon within the enemy's base. 

As mentioned earlier, players enter the game (or respawn during a battle) as the basic infantry unit for their side.  Purchasing upgrades allows players to take on different roles such as snipers, rocket gunners, and even engineers empowered to repair vehicles and structures and heal other players.  Teamwork is vital to success, as combined arms attacks are necessary for capturing a base.  

The graphics in Renegade are good, but not quite cutting edge.  The vehicles and characters look good, but the buildings and environments are a touch on the bland side.  It also would have been nice to 

Command & Conquer fans will enjoy getting a chance to be a part of the battles that they are very familiar with, and the game is not too difficult for those who are primarily strategy gamers.  Action game veterans will find the campaign short and too easy, but might enjoy the game's multiplayer component.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 75%. Not so much a state of the art FPS as a vehicle to bring action gaming to the Command & Conquer universe.  Anyone who enjoyed those games might get a kick out of it and it is a good choice for those new to action gaming, but veteran action gamers who don't know their Nod from their GDI might find it not up to their standards.

System Requirements:  400 MHz Pentium II CPU; 96 MB RAM; 16 MB Video RAM; 4x CD-ROM; 950 MB Hard Drive Space; Mouse.

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