Age of Mythology Tips & Secrets

"If you have ever play Total War, you should go with the norse. Since you have infinite resources you don't need any villagers to manage and a military to command. You just need a military of norse soldiers to command. They can build on the way and don't need to move villagers onto the battle field to constructed castles and extra barracks and stuff. Plus, if all your town centers and villagers die, you are out of the game. But with the norse you need to kill every soldier to stop the player from building." - AoA_Death_AoA

"If you play a game with infinite resources (total war) go norse! build all the villagers and dwarves you can then make them ALL into ulfsarks!! double yer army! then charge em and hope to god you win" - Umoto

"if you are playing with thor you have to make 2 dwarves put them on gold then make 2 ox carts 1 on and 1 on food then make 3 gatherers 2 on food 1 on wood then make dwarves first put 3 dwarves on wood then make a temple and houses until wood is gone :-D. then put 6 dwarves on wood and 1 dwarve on food and then age you will have like 600 food and you can age on the 4 minute and you aged on 4and a half minute then build longhouses and splurt the enemy" - why should I tell?

"I think by far the Norse have the advantage. They have the shortest build time and can build with their military allowing easy forward building. Thor is the best god also because of the cheaper better dwarves I always use them over gatherers because of there advantage at gathering gold, the most important resource since every military unit except some myth units use it. The ox-cart is another big advantage for the Norse seeing as Greek must spend a lot of wood and gold on new resource drop off sites the Norse simply move there ox carts around where needed. So a few simple things to know is that dwarves are the main gatherer of the Norse even more so as Thor. Many people think the Greek are very good.  I think they cost too much and become too much of a routine so if u like a more nomadic civilization Norse is the one." - Ra15

"Egypt is the best way to go, to get favor you just build statues and that's all. They also are good because you only need to build 1 building for archers, horse people, and sword guys. The Pharaoh is really good because a god power can turn him into a guy who shoots thunder bolts at more than one guy at once." - Calder Pegden