Civilization III Tips & Secrets

"In the early stage of the game,if you happen to pass by a rival city that doesnt have an army defending it,you are free to ask for anything from that same rival,as hi will be afraid that you will enter the city!" - Nemanja

"On difficulty levels higher than Chieftain DO NOT put 100% of your cash on scientific reseach. your military units will die because you will not be giving them that 1 gold a turn to support them, but... you can get away with it on Chiefton. ROCK ON DUDES!" - Brother Gilbert

"For easy defense throughout time, make sure the first technology you research is bronze working (unless your civ of choice has already learned it). Then, bulk up each city's defense with a spearman. Spearmen will be upgraded into pikemen, which will be upgraded into musketmen, then riflemen, then infantry, and finally tanks. Each upgrade is relatively cheap (I believe one is even only 10 gold), and it saves time because you don't have to rebuild your defense every time you discover a better militaristic tech." - shizukaselphie

"ok this is ez tip if ur palying on easy when ever and civ. contacts u either for the first time,to trade, or in time of war.and ask for 999999999999 gold per turn (just fill it the box with 9's) then also if u want add anything else even cities. though if u get all the cites there's a lot of mannging and each turn takes forever when u have 200-300 cites but hey leaves them with only one" - redpawn89

"If you want to expand your empire fast, build the following in this order, (Starting from a new city):
1. worker
2. temple
3. spearmen
4. settler.
Repeat this with each new town and your empire will grow really fast.
Another trick is to build a settler every time your city reaches level 3. By building a settler at level three, the city will shrink back to Level 1, but the culture will shoot up and buildings will take less time to build." - Drake411