Civilization III Tips & Secrets

"As soon as possible build a strong navy. That way you can destroy and possible invasion force before they can ever reach land." - mike

"ask a civ for 50000000069 i dont know how many zeros fill up the box, but fill it, delete twice and put '69' demand they accept the deal" - lizard

"Bigger=more power. Devote at least half of your cities to making Settlers and workers, to grow. You'll get more points, and have more power over weaker Civ.s. But don't forget to still make soldiers...or you'll be crushed." - sarabellum

"The best civilization I would say is America. I'm not saying this because it is our land!!!! It's because all other special units EXCEPT the F-15 gets out dated. The German Panzer for exaple, is good until synthetic fibers is researched. This upgrades the Panzer into a Modern Armor. The F-15 does not have an upgrades so its usfullness is not lost. Next, America can complete worker jobs faster. This means roads and railroads galore. For an army, settler, or to connect two towns this strategy prevails. Last is it's ability to start with and build scout. In early game expanding your territory is IMPORTANT! If you don't expand both your economy and military strength will be easiliy thrown off balance. Barbarians are also more friendly. This early game stratigy also keeps barbarians from destroying your production. I will update and submit more tips for those who need help out there." - Egyptian knight

"well some of you might have read that you can put 200000000 into the gold per turn box, and the other civ. has to give it to you. well im here to say, for some of you that might not work. under certain circumstances the other civ. wont give the money to you. this can be because they have to many cities and not enough money. it could also be because you have made them very angry through attacks. there are many reasons but all im saying is dont get your hopes up

do you want to know the easist way to get your empire on good footing early in the game. well i have the answer.... hurrying production on everything possible. this takes a few steps but its worth it. step 1) trade any other empire your incontact with anything (i usually give them like 1 gold) for 200000000 per turn or however many zeros can fit. they usually always comply. you can do this however many times you like depending on how greedy you are. step 2) this is probably the most important step. your civilization has to be researching the republic. Under the republic only, can you hurry production for money, at least in the early era step 3) after your done researching the republic and youve made it your form of government. you can hurry production on almost anything. **Reminder: keep doing that trade trick whenever you get low on money**" - Ghandi