Alpha Centauri Tips & Secrets

"When at war with someone try to take a base that has a large number of minerals. Then use it to manufacture more troops, do this with all captured cities and soon u will have large numbers of units that have been built using enemy facilities. You will eventually be sustaining the war using captured cities. This leaves your original cities free." - Wrekin

"The overwhelming paradigm of the game is to EXPAND until you are strong enough, forget about the value of the terrain, colonize every stretch of it, and then take islands, sea bases until you are predominant power.

If you're ever pressed by an enemy, switch to their social agenda, and very frequently they will be more receptive to a truce.

Free market is such a tremendous advantage, you should try to use it whenever you can maintain order enough to take advantage from it.

Never start a war you aren't prepared for. If your enemy has superiour production then try and use fast units or bombard units to destroy their boreholes. If they have perimeter defenses, be prepared to either sabotage them with probe teams or destroy them even with the defensive bonuses. Remember that artillery can reduce their strength in half and its easy to grind down a unit at 50% hitpoints Artillery are also very effective at countering naval bombardment (+50% bonus for coastal batteries) use them to destroy passing ships.

In the early part of the game, the two most propitious times to overwhelm an enemy is when you get Non-Linear Mathematics (Lv 4 weapons) and Doctrine: Air Power, both give you a massive military advantage that can crush anyone. Get them, and build up and use it before they do." - Kismet1980

"If you would like to get mind worms earlier in the game,take the green team.I dont know about you but I like to use mind worms for fighting my enemys." - eric 11