Alpha Centauri Tips & Secrets

"build your bases near pods with minerals, or nutrients like that. if there aren't any, use formers to build some" - Harold age 11

"Build at least 2 terraformers for each base. That way, you can quickly get the resources needed for the base and it's people. It is also helpful in getting the much-needed minerals for producing units to defend your base." - RPG Man

"Gaians: exploring the map (especially the fungus) and keeping your planet-value high is important because that way you'll get to catch many many "natives" -- biggest army u can have for a start.

university: get the projects virtual world (every base will profit from it) and hunter-seeker algorithm (otherwise your too vulnerable to probe teams)" - Digitill

"When building your first few bases, build them Near: Rocky, Green , and High Altitude squares Close to unused boundaries. This expands your territory farther (? further ?)  One or 2 near Ocean access. This will be easier for ocean transportation manufacturing.


Set the bases near other enemies boundaries to Conquer for battles." - Beaglefox

"The University has trouble with becoming friends with Deidre and Morgan because of their opposing economic values. Deidre is the better choice to ally with because Morgan is inefficient while Deidre uses the Planet to great effect. The Believers are not worth playing with because their research fails miserably. If you want military, look towards the Spartans. The most important Secret Projects in the early game are The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm, The Virtual World (if u are University), The Weather Paradigm, and The Citizen Defense Force. Building a strong navy is highly underrated. The navy lays a path for the army to enter. The most beneficial base facilities in the early game are Recycling Tanks, Children's Creche, Tree Farm, Research Hospital, and Network Node. Using these hints should give you a large advantage in the beginning of the game." - al