Alpha Centauri Tips & Secrets

"If you're playing as the Believers, you'll need to use your early attack bonus to be aggressive from the get go.  Keep the University in check, but don't take it out.  Use probe teams  to steal their technology as they develop it and keep yourself at the cutting edge." -Phillip K

"Build your Formers on Speeder chassis and they'll be able to begin terraforming a square the same turn they enter it." - TEM

"The University is the best faction to play with as a beginner. Try to become a pact brother with everybody. Morgan and Deidre will be your common friends. Yang and the Believers your common enemies.

The others, Santiago and the Peacekeepers, will pretty much be neutral towards you unless you break a treaty with them or constantly refuse to help them. At the first of the game, research [conquer] and [explore] at the same time. When you have conquered at least two of your worst enemies or are considered unsurpassed in might, then research [build] and [discover] as well. When you have discovered the appropriate technologies, go to your social engineering screen by pressing "E". As the University, it is best to keep your politics [Democratic], economics [Green], values [Power], and future society [Eudaimonic]." - Shirley

"Start as the university and don't build up your bases so you look "unimportant" and work on tech.  The other's will leave you alone mostly giving you time to get a foot hold in the game but watch out for Probe teams so the other's don't steal your tech." - MysticFireKnyght