StarCraft The Protoss

The following are tactics that will help you succeed when playing as the Protoss:

  • Make use of your Observers. Place them at various key spots on the map to monitor enemy movements and offenses.
  • If possible, airlift a Templar behind an enemy resource field. Then have it use its psionic storm to destroy any resource gatherers that approach.
  • Use the Templar's hallucination ability as often as possible. The enemy will waste a lot of its firepower attacking your false units.
  • Always defend your bases with photon cannons. Since they are expensive and vulnerable to Zerglings, build them so that they can support each other.
  • Remember that your Probes do not need to wait for a structure to be completed. As soon as one opens a warp rift, get it back to work on resource gathering.
  • Keep an Observer with your Carriers to prevent cloaked Wraiths from sneaking up on them.
  • Do not keep your units too closely grouped when facing the Terrans. The Science Vessel's EMP can remove your units' shields, so you'll want to avoid exposing your entire force to this weapon.
  • Be wary of investing in Carriers when facing the Zerg. Scourges can quickly destroy your Carriers and cost the Zerg player a small fraction of the resources required to build Carriers.