StarCraft Cheats

To activate these codes, hit [Enter] during gameplay then enter one of the following codes, then hit [Enter] again.



Black Sheep Wall

Reveals entire map.

Breathe deep

Free vespene gas.

Food for thought

You can build an unlimited number of units.

Game over man

You automatically lose.

Medieval man

Upgrades are free.

Modify the phase variance

All buildings will be available.

Operation CWAL

Speeds construction 


Allows you to specify the level you want to play.  Enter the level name after this cheat.

Power overwhelming

You will be invincible.

Show me the money

Adds 1,000 gas and crystal to your stockpile.

Something for nothing

You are awarded all upgrades.

Staying alive

The mission will go on forever.

The Gathering

Gives you units unlimited energy.

There is no cow level

Ends the current mission.

War aint what it used to be

Removes the fog of war.

Whats mine is mine

Adds minerals.