The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets


I just did this for the fun of it, and it worked. Tired of the same songs over and over again in the stereo?
Open the Maxis folder (Sims folder) and go to the Music folder. You'll see that all the tracks are Mp3 files. What you do is that you delete the original songs and just paste in your own playlist. If it's not working, name the songs ( Let's say on the rock radio channel: Rock1.mp3, Rock2.mp3 and so on) It was pretty funny to see the Sims dance to Depeche mode and Kiss at my party. :)



If you don't want to do the " Move_objects" cheat all the time to keep your Sim fit for fight, just download ( or buy) a Rejuvenator, you don't even need a kitchen anymore. Just "take a shower" whenever you need to and play the game for hours. My Sim has not slept or cooked a meal for weeks now......" - Hooligirl

"If you have makin' magic then get your sim up to enough stars that you get the obsessed fan then wait for him to drop the black roses outside your house, when he does, make the charm that uses the black roses and you will instantly have 4 and a half stars! :-) " - PinkPixie

"To increase your star power, check the "Who's Hot" column in the Studio Town Insider magazine to see who the stars are.

Then, go down to Studio Town and find the star of your choice.

Ask them for an autograph, as this will put them in your phone book.

At home, invite them Downtown (if you have Hot Date) for a meal. Your relationship score will increase quickly as they dine and viola! Instant Superstar friend!

Remember, the more important the star, the higher your star power! So get socializing!!" - Harriet

"A good way to get 1/2 star is to build up body points by swimming or on the exercise machine and go to studio town and get paparazzo to take a picture of you!" - ali3600