The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"Get famous friends fast in the game thanx to magic and money! (Requires Sims Magic )

This tip is a well used one, but when i red about it nobody explained where to get the stuff and how to prepare, so i though that i would do it now, right here.

Be sure that you do the Rosebud [enter] !;!;!;!;!;! money spell so that you always can be a rich bastard...and then you go the Magic city to earn some magic coins. Be sure that you've been improving your technique skills by reading books, and to gain fast you do the move_object cheat to always have full .power,and you will gain your skill levels fast.

In the Magic City go to the area with the stage and perform, ( that's why you need your technique, or else you will look VERY funny on stage). When you earn enough magic coins (depending on how good you are you can earn up to 20 coins per number) you go to one of the other areas to speak to the man with the caravan.
Buy Beewax and toadsweat, in the store you buy honey.

Go to the 'scary' area to the left, cant remember the name of it, there you have a vampire mistress, trade the beewax and get garlic.
Now get the hell out of there and go home to your potion machine.
Garlic, Honey and Toadsweat = Happy face spell :)

Go to Studiotown. Start to talk with someone famous (not a star)
put the spell on the person, Zim zala bim! You've got a new friend! (50 points) Give the person a diamond ring, and suddanly the person is in love with you and the friendship points is up to 80. All you have to do is call the person sometimes, and if they get in a bad mood, give them a new ring...they are so into bling bling! :)
And with enough friends, the road to the stars will be open...

(never mind my spelling, english is not my native language)

/ anna" - Hooligirl

"You must gain creativity skill,charisma skill and body so your character will accept." - Alex