The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"Buy the Sims Superstar and the Sims Makin' Magic cuz they r da best (and imean the best) together cuz you can get ingredients like black roses heres how: Buy the charm maker, open the magic starter kit and get a wand now get these ingredients: diamond dust (199mc), beeswax and black roses. mix em all up to get sim fame charm (with the star on top) cast the spell that comes with charm and volla, your sim has 4.5 stars! now you should have a obbsesed fan who will drop black roses all over da place. Now pick them up and you can make all your sims be famous superstars and you will make enough money to build a masion. Heeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehehehe " - Ultimatesimmerhacker

"You must get some star-friends before passing level 2. I reccomend to try and get a lot of star-friends early-on to save yourself a lot of trouble." - Kooldude

"~ How To Make Your Sim A Good Star ~ Keep it happy Get Charisma Points Get Creativity Points Get Body Points Make Famous Friends Go to the Studio Often" - simmer

"Wave to EVERYONE you meet in studio town. Then go home and invite over all the people who are "somebodys". Talk to them about biz or self, and give them your autograph, but be careful about talking about magic ! Soon you will have lots of celb friends. Also use the genie! But, i must tell you, look at BOTH bars, if the bottom bar is low, even if the top is 100 you won't be friends!" - Tara Lothian