The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"The easiest way to become a Superstar is to have two things: money, and qualifications.

To get money, use a cheat. Hold down "Shift+Crtl+C" and a small gray box should appear in the upper left corner. Type in "rosebud" and press enter. This will give you $1000. Then, do the "Shift+Crtl+C" again and type in "!;!;!;!;!;!1" (That's exclamation point, semi-colon, exclamation, semi-colon, and so on. Make sure you type a number one at the end to save time.) Press enter repeatedly to make fast money.

As for qualifications, let's say that you want your Sim to become a movie star. This requires charisma, obviously. Have your Sim practice in front of the mirror and while they are doing this, click on the fast-forward symbol to quicken the time. They will increase their qualifications much faster. Whenever they get tired or hungry or have to go to the bathroom, use this cheat. Hold down "Crtl+Shift+C" like above to get the gray box again, and type in "Move_Objects On". This is important ... SAVE THE GAME. Then, go into Buy Mode and delete your Sim. Go back into People Mode and click on your missing Sim's face icon. They will reappear, fully charged and healthy, ready to practice some more. No time wasted on food or sleep." - Julie

"If you want someone to like you so you can propose here is a way....if u have sims hotdate and vacation....take that person 2 downtown...take them to eat,then buy them something...then talk for a while....don't hug or kiss them until you become friends..then go home. then next day,invite them over but prepare a meal,turn on the t.v. and stereo on before you do....let them have fun and when they wanna talk to u let them but when they wanna gossip or tease you X out their icon on the top left corner,talk to them..then the next day,invite them w/ u to go on a vacation....then the day after u arrive do that process where u invite them and prepare etc. make sure their mood is good then propose.kiss and hug thembefore you do though.Happy Simmimg!" - ndechavez

"heres somehting really cool i found out. type in "move_objects on" in the cheat slot. buy a scuba dive fishtank. have your guy(or girl) go in it. when he(or she) is in the tank, remove it and sell it. he/she will be standing in the room wiht what looks like a superhero outfit but is really their scuba gear. note: if you do not sell it but you remove the tank and put it elsewhere your guy will be swimming in midair!" - funkeymonkey

"Want to be a superstar? OK so here is what you do:
a. read studio town magazine and get an agent.
b. Go to studio town and do what they say." - sydney

"If you want your star to go to the next level. Talk to your fans!" - simsfan