The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"Wanna make some quick cash with out using the 1000 simoleans cheat code? ;) (for that type in "rosebud;;;" but it takes a while!)

Here's what you do: buy a wood table or the thing you make gnomes with. Have you sim make these over and over. Their mechanical skills will also improve with this. (if u type in move_objects on, save your game, click on the "buy" icon, click on your sim (it will go away) then put it into play mode and click on their face, they will come back.! and everything will be perfect, hunger, energy and they will be uber happy!) then sell the gnomes. You can make up to $100 per gnome after you have all your mechanical stats.

You can also make about 500 simoleans just by selling bugs! Yup, you use the move_objects on cheat again, go to buy mode and then click on the roaches or flies and delete them to get $460 (note: you have to find one set or so of bugs to get the money, not all of them u can sell and make a profit.

again using the move_objects on cheat, u can delete your bills or get rid of your mail box to keep them from coming." - LE

"If you want to get skill points, just go to create a sim and make a child sim. NO PERSONALITY POINTS> click finish, and then go to edit your sim and make them an adult, personality points if you want. then move them into a house and bam, you have skill points, body, charisma, creativity,ect. then you can go to studio town and is easier to become famous" - Cedes

"to never pay your butler do the following 1. put a piece of food or a plate in your yard 2. go into build mode 3, put rail around the plate so there's no way to get it your butler will stay there until ever thing is clean and tidy" - sim queen

"To advance in the fame stakes, you need a certain number of famous friends. The easiest way to do this is to buy about three diamond rings, three red roses and three necklaces - use the money cheats to get enough cash to do this - and then look in the tabloid paper in the 'Who Hot' section and write down who's in the top five. Then go to a big studio town lot with lots of stars there like The Gast District, Studio Town Centre or Cameron's Longe. When your there, find one of the people that you wrote down and greet them and first talk about the biz and then give them one diamond ring, one red roses and one necklace. Then they should like you enough to be your friend. Do this with as many people as you need to anvange afame level. Happy Gaming!" - Ellie x