The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"Hi! I remember when I couldn't get pass 2 stars and it seemed to take forever! I finally got pass 2 stars by doing these things... 1)Made friends AT STUDIO TOWN 2)Had 2 or more famous friends THAT WERE MADE AT STUDIO TOWN 3)Had a good attitude when I went to studio town 4)let everyone notice me!

also, if you want to meet a lot of people to become friends with them, you must have sims House Party. click on the phone and hire a caterer. then click on "Trow Party" about ten times in a row. lots of people will come over to your house. even if you didn't talk to them their face appears on your relationship list. If you get enough people at your house Jim Carey will come!

Hope this was helpful!" - SpongeyBob019

"To know whether A SIM IS A SUPERSTAR OR NOT(IN STUDIOTOWN,DUH) check 2 C if they has a star above their head.ray somebody is a superstar." - Ashley Wong

"To become 1/2 a star, do a publicity stunt in front of the photographer." - Olivia

"(if you have makinŽ magic) use the hypnotize spell on the most famous sim. Then get him to kiss you. If you do this while the paparazzo is around, heŽll take a photo of you and you will win 1/2 a star!" - Coco

"Want your sim to have unlimited energy etc to spend in studio town? Download a rejuvenator (available on a couple of different sites) then put one in each of the studio lots. Put it near where the cars pull up, so that if you get out of the cab from another lot with some of your bars low, you can refresh yourself." - arc229