The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"1. Making friends with stars for as low as 200 simoleons:If you have Hot Date, and not a lot of money (like me, I'm sick of using Rosebud), you can make friends with stars by just saying hi to them, just to put them on your phone book, then calling them (keept trying) to get them to go with you downtown, then buy them a meal. Since they don't want to talk about their interests unless they're with friends, you have to force them to talk to you, while building your relationship.

2. How to spot stars in studio town. Somebodys always wear their star clothes on the lot, as well as other characters who are on the star track. Anybodys wear regular clothes. If you want to make friends with stars, pick the ones wearing high fashion.

3. great downloads for your superstar game are the pepsi machine for studio town (where you can't delete your sim) and the fruitcake. It's easier to get a star to chat and watch TV with you if one of your sims's family members chow on the mood altering magic fruitcake." - jenlim

"Sing alot before you sign up for an agent have good charisma and then sign up and then entertain" - Amber

"You need "The Sims Unleashed" for this too. OK, before you go to Studio Town, go to Old Town and see he palm reader until your sim's needs are all green. Then your sim will do MUCH better at everything." - HorsesRule+Sims

"To earn money, make friends, and be a Superstar quicker, find the hottest Superstar there is. Go to studio town, and say high. Then invite them over to your house. Make them lovers. This may take a little while, but it's easier if you buy diamond rings and give them to the star. Then eventually marry them. This is the fun part. Once your married, kill YOUR sim. (make a room two by two squares, and leave them there. They should die in three days.) Now you can still control the Superstar. Also, make sure you have tons of money and at alot of friends(buy tons of diamond rings and give them to everyone you meet.). When you marry the superstar, your money and amount of friends will be combined for both of you. When you kill your original sim, the superstar will will still have the combined friends and money." - A-Simmer

"ok when u have 2 stars and are able to do the model shoot be sure to get your sims fully energised and stuff like that( if it helps press control+alt+shift+c and type "move_objects on" delete your sims and S/he will be fully energised and ready 2 go

To do this u will need:
* the sims
* the sims superstar
*alot of pacience" - simsmaster101