The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"if u want to control a person that is famous, go to studio town and talk to the first superstar you meet. then go home,and phone that person and invite them to yor house. when they are not looking cast the big question spell on them and when they are married, you can control the superstar!" - loza

"This tip was found by moi! Firstly create a sim (any gender) and move them in. Make sure that they do not make any friends AT ALL! There is a reason for this, so please follow: Get the lab fingy and when a red (love) potion comes make your sim drink it. It enables your worst enemy to love you, but of course you have no enemies or friends at all, so the game gives you superstar of the opposite sex. Make them get on well and then make sure they get on well so they can marry each other! Now you have 5 stars! Delete the normal sim so you can concentrate on the Superstar. It worked for me, so it will work for you!" - roshas

"Hey Y'all!! Just to tell ya, if you gots makin' magic & superstar, you can upgrade your fame with a spell!! Just get your sim to have 3 1/2 star points, and the obsessed fan will eventually come and give you black roses. Add these to inventory immediately! Your butler/maid will take them away ASAP!!!!!!! Just find the spell with them in it in your magic spellbook, mix it up, and then you have a charm. Cast the charm, and you will immediatly become a Celebrity! (4.5 stars!!) By the way, Vicki is really, really, cool!! and, she is so great!! Just thought I'd tell u guys that, 'cause it's so true!!!!! HEY! POO! HAPPY SIMMING, NOW GO AWAY! I'M WAY TO COOL FOR U!" - v & h

"the obsessed fan only comes when you need to start paying more attention to your fans.(hugs autographs etc)" - jackie

"You need The Sims Makin Magic for this tip to work: charge your wand with Love Struck as many times as you can, this sort of works with realationship boost, go to studio town and meet every body already there and that drives up in a fancy car or limo. Find out who are stars and cast love struck or realationship boost on ALL of them. It will give you SOOOOOOOOOOO much star power.

This realy works (just dont kiss any of them there, unless you want to see slap attacks) Have Fun siming" - Magic Master=Superstar