The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"A quick fast and easy way to make friends with the Hot Super Stars is to go downtown and buy a lot of diamond rings. Call the Taxi Service and then Go Home. Call up "Somebody" on the phone. Invite them downtown. Return downtown and you will be on a date with the Super Star, that is if they accept. You can have dinner...the Gourmand of course. Before or afterwards, Give Gift, Give Diamond Ring to the Sims you want to befriend, as many times as you want. Watch those relationship points shoot up and your star power points will increase as well. Just be careful that your Love Partner is not around unless you want to see some face slapping. Once you have these new friends, it is enough to give them one ring if the relationship is slipping." - Arteo Photo

"The problem a lot of people find when making friends with NPC's is that no matter how high your relationship bar is, they still aren't your friend. Invite them over and talk to them as much as you can. Get the short term to about 60 to 70, then say goodbye. After they're gone, call them up just to talk. Whether you gain points or lose points, automatically that NPC is your friend." - Duckie

"When you really want 2 have a celebrity as a boy/girlfriend, go back to ur house - if they are v tired or depressed go to move_objects on and delete them. Then put out some snacks ect and ring them up. Invite them over and keep talking and complimenting them - if you have livin large get a chemo. set. The make a lve potion (red) and drink it, they should fall in love with you and be happy and rich. Happy simming!" - The Sim babe

"For the superstar one to get a 1/2 star REALLY QUICKLY just go to your wardrobe put on a formal outfit and get the paparonzzini guy to take you picture click on *pose for picture*" - Kate

"To win music awards just listen to the crew" - terry

"if you try to give diamond rings to superstars at your home it wont work so go to studio town and greet a superstar and it will let you give them diamond rings there which will raise your starpower a bunch and if you're at the place where your next fame object is you're good to go! :P" - meg