The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"Don't, don't, DON'T continue to ask a Superstar in Studio Town for an autograph over and over and over again....unless you want to annoy the Star." - Wormy

"When youre first starting out, you need to get skill points. The only skill pts you will use are charisma, body, and creativity. Don't sign with an agent until you have ten of each. If you are having trouble keeping your needs up, you can download the Rejuvenation chamber from and it makes everything go a lot quicker. Once you have all your skill pts, don't sign with an agent yet, but go to Studio Town as a tourist and make friends. try to make 10 anybody friends, and 10 somebody friends. Develop these friendships by inviting them over to your house. Once you do this, you can sign with an agent and start on your path to stardom! First, you will be able to either perform at a Kareoke stage, or talk like a comedian at open mic. Or, you could also earn your first half star by posing for the paparrazzo." - pinkprincess

"If you download a superstar from the, and put it on your game and you want a superstar but don't have one , you can marry the sim superstar you imported, and you will have an instant superstar. (Once you marry the superastar they stay a superstar and they can't bounce back a star level.)." - Meagan

"If you get a note saying "your recent de loose 1/2 star" then just put the cheat move_objects on and put them in the bath, deleate the bath and your sim will also disappear. click on the face of your missing sim and it will reappear, with the original number of stars. Also when you are in arecording studio etc. it helps writing down your sequence and listening to the bubbles above the dirctors heads. so then you know what to change." - Loora

"Hey, there all you sim fans and sim fans interested. Superstar is cool. but don't forget about the other sim games and expansion packs. In superstar it is challenging. you can perform anywhere. have high charisma and creativity so you won't get boooed. Also, things take time so don't be in a rush to 3 or 5 stars. Don't blame your sim for being in a bad mood. that makes you angry also. Beware of Addiction. Also in life you won't get anywhere with friends and neither will you with sims. Sims are your friends and you end to love them so treat them with care. Thanks, Good luck Simming! = 0" - Rocketgurl