The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"Instead of having to find the order of your sims peformance while performing just raise a star level b using the open stage karaoke mike but use it a several times first.AND DONT MAKE YOUR SIMS GO TO WORK IN A BADMOOD BECAUSE THEY LAY ON THE FLOOR CRYIN AND LOSE A STAR LEVEL!" - badbwoy

"On the Sims Superstar, it is pretty hard to get increased star levels. Everytime you go up a star level, however, you un-lock an action. From 2-3 stars you have to play a game to complete the action.

I know that the new thing your superstar can do may seem cool, like, for example, Recording a Pop, Rock, or Dance Music Song at the recording booth. But, to save yourself the agony of LOSING a star level, just stick to the easy actions like Print Ad Photo Shoot, Recording Jingles and Soap Opera Commericals. Those actions don't require playing the Sequencing Game and you can still get increased star levels even though you aren't doing the action you unlocked. for Example, if you have 3 stars, you don't have to record a pop, rock, or dance song to go up to 3 1/2 stars, you can record a jingle or something a few times and still go up a level. *If the first time you do something and you don't increase a star level, do it again and again until you do. it usually only takes 3 or 4 tries, 6 max, but it doesn't take long just put it on the second-speed :)" - little chick

"I got myself a Superstar by using a none famous sim , its easy but you have to keep working at the relationship as the superstars hate to be put second best or even forgotton , sometimes when trying to date a celeb its not good to invite them for dinner to downtown as if you pressure them to much they might just leave , So when you try to date a superstar try talking and talking as that gives a nice posture to them and you get to know what they like a bit better so don't say the wrong thing. Call them round make a meal let them go to the loo , watch some tv with the superstar and make them feel more relaxed the hottub is great as well so if you've got cash start flaunting it to impress..." - A star from the sky2314

"To make a celebrity a quick friend, buy a necklace or diamond ring from the shops and give it to them. Their friend level will go up about 30+ points automatically." - Manda

"If you want to get creativity points, go on the piano, it gives you fun and adds up your creativity.

Try sleeping before working out for body points, it decreases energy fast.

Performing gives you $5 above when you sing or entertain." - SimFan