The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"If you are refused an autograph by a star, build up your fame and then ask again. Also try and mix with the people at studio town and check the who's hot. You'll be especially lucky if you manage to develop a relationship with a star like a somebody , and you can invite them round!" - Rock Kitten

"To get full "creativity" play the piano it's the quickest way to do it." - Salika

"When performing, note the reaction from the crew - this way you can determine what style goes in what order. The crew will also give signals before you perform - this is a clue as to the sequence. It's difficult to decipher at first, but pay close attention - your performance will be better if you get it right the first time." - Kokomo

"When In The early stages of fame you'll have to pick three consecutive styles to perform that type of fame, for instance when you have to make your own album in the recording booth (Three Stars) You can pick 3 different ways you'd like to perform your selected style of music (Rock, Pop or dance anthem) so you have to pick a sequence of these three: Normal, Mellow and over the top, it's simply a process of elimination, the best way is to do it like this: Pick three normals and watch the reaction of the recordist, just say on the second bout the recordist gives a positive reaction, but on the others a negative, now you know that they want the second time to be a normal.After that try Mellow-Normal-Mellow just say they give a positive reaction on the first, the key sequence is obviously Mellow-Normal-Over the top You get Three Attempts at getting the correct sequencethis also applies to Modelling at the photo shoot and The TV set Soap Opera.The Catwalk is different, you only get two attempts at getting it correct, which, makes it a LOT harder." - Marcus

"Find out who's the hottest one in town by reading the magazine. Then find him/her and ask for an autograph. Now that you have the superstar on your phonelist, call him/her up and invite to your home or to town. You will become friends by eating, watching TV or playing pool together.

Onece you have become friends, you get more options than 'ask for autograph' etc, and can start to give hugs and compliments.

Now you start kissing, and in the end you can invite the star home and Propose: You have got yourself a Superstar! :-)" - Liza