The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"You will get an obsessed fan if you have a fame score of at least two and a half stars and less than 126 total relationship points with your fans.  To make the obsessed fan go away, work on increasing your relationship with your fans." - TEM

"To prevent the obsessed fan from stealing your awards place them in a room behind a Star Door." - TEM

"Making money is hard when just starting out in the entertainment business.  Try starting out in a normal career until you've built up enough cash to support yourself through the lean times of a new entertainment career." - TEM

"When starting out, go to Studio Town in the evening.  Studio Town is more crowded at night and so when you use the open mic or do karaoke you'll get paid more and get more star power.  Make sure you build up your charisma by practicing speeches in a mirror first though." - TEM

"Its always great to get to know lots of people, even if their not you friends, that way whatever you do do, not matter how horrible, you'll always have some supporters. The spa is a great place for you to meet people and relax. Playing pool is also another way to get to know people a little better. It also helps to be a little famous before you try to befriend stars, because they might not want to associate themselves with a "Nobody." Also to promote yourself, pose for the Paparrazo." - a from the moon

"To get Rid of the obsessed fan, use the voodoo doll from livin large. A dog and Butler also help get rid of him." - Jbabe22