The Sims Superstar Tips & Secrets

"okay, if you start out with like, 8 ppl, then you get money fast AND you have a good chance of getting signed on with an agent, and after u can just kill them off! :-)" - Mandy

"An easy way to get famous is to make a perfect sim. To be great on the open mic is to get 10 creativity. And then to get another 1/2 is to get all the charisma. Also if you have livin' large is to make your sim have no personality and to make the yellow potion, drink it, and then you'll have the perfect personality to go with your perfect sim. And to go with your famous sim is a mansion. Just click shift+ctrl+c at the same time. A little gray box appears at the top left screen. Then type in rosebud;!;!;!;!? and press enter 2wice and you'll get five thousand dollars and hold it down to get millions. Also you can type in move_objects on then press enter once and you can delete your sims and build off the grid and move around your mail box and trash can. Thanks for reading this! Happy Simming!" - Lauren Barr

"Once you have so many stars, you can do more things. Things are "unlocked" as listed.

0 = Karaoke, Open Mic
1/2 = Photo Shoot: Print Ad
1 = Recording Studio: Jingle
1 1/2 = TV Set: Commercial
2 = Photo Shoot: Model
2 1/2 = TV Set: Soap Opera
3 = Recording Studio: Album
3 1/2 = Fashion Runway
4 = Music Video Set
4 1/2 = Movie Set
5 = All Fame Objects" - SimperStar

"Start With 3 charisma and Creativity Points. As You advance, get 4 body points, 6 creativity and Charisma Point and as you advance, get 10 points of Charisma, Creativity and Body points" - Author_1990

"Fame will decay if you spend an entire day away from Studio Town.  The decay check is made at 3:00 PM, so you can prevent it from happening by getting to Studio Town before then." - TEM