The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Do you want your music on while playing on the sims instead of theirs?
All you do is click on start on your computer. Hit computer. Go to file C: drive or whatever. Then click program files. Find the sims or maxis or something. Then click on that and find music and copy and paste all your music you like, like 50 cent and stuff into that music categorie and walla. you have your music playing on the sims stereo!" - kyla

"To get a little bit of cash, you can make preserves and sell them, and you can also sell the wooden gnomes you can make." - pansy2012

"If you dont like your sim, put them in a small building with a fireplace and all rugs. Make your sim walk into it then delete the door once there in it. Make them light a fire in it and they should burn from the fire!" - Emily

"To get 460 dollors from pests, watch them in normal. when they are about to switch space pause and go to buy mode. it is going to work." - Unknown

"when ur sim in a good mood type career_job then get on the computer and u can get any job." - yo mama

"Never empty the trash, put "move_objects on" and move the outside trash can into the kitchen. this saves lots of time and money if you have a maid.


get a slave to slave around 4 u. when creating a family make a extra man or woman. make them get high skills on mechanical and cooking and creativity so they can cook clean and repair and create art and sell it. use them to get friends. they can do every things for you sims including caring for the new baby or training the new dog. when you family is developed enough kill the slave and live happily ever after." - STEVO