The Sims Tips & Secrets

"first, you need to make a couple. Then, build them a very small room, and put them in it. Delete the door. in the house, all you need is a chair, a clown painting, and a fireplace. have the man of the couple sit in the chair. after a little while, a clown should appear. all the clown would do ia sob. Then, neighbors will come to greet you to the neighborhood. they will stay there all day because theres no doorbell to ring. they'll start to pee , and the'll pass out. then, when you think the couple has had enough, light a fire in the firplace, and the house will g on fire.


familiar with the anoying repoman? ha, i know i way to stop him. well, sort of. when he comes, pause your game and follow him. when you see the item he is taking, go to buy mode right before he leaves the area the item was in, and buy back the item.he will not take it again" - Cool_Person who love sims

"press crtl, shift ,c then type in nessie to get a lock ness monster in your pool" - jadie101

"If your Sim is hungry and cannot cook, just buy 9 cookie plates and tell him/her to eat them all. It fills up the hunger bar all the way.

If you have a clown, don't wall it up. It lays down a hole and dissapears through it to find your Sim again." - MacNerd

"GET $1000,000 WITHOUT CHEATING!!! Buy a firework thingy, for about $90, then tell one of your sims to use it. Wait until they do, and when the firework is on the way down, PAUSE, go to BUY MODE, and sell it for about $2300, then do it again!

"If you go to "My computer", "C Drive", "Program Files", "Maxis", then "The Sims", you can find many files. If you go to your neighborhood under the "User Datas" you can view your families photo albums. Now, you can treat them as a normal picture: print it, make it your background, or anything else. Also if you go back and go to the music section, you can listen to the soundtrack. If there a song you really like, you can put it in a music file or even put it on an iPod." - anonymous

" i have 2 tips my first is that don't bother with rosebud and ;!;! just type in rosebud ; ; and hold down enter just watch ur money go up! :-) secondly, with the santa tip from before you will need granny raymond's holiday cookies, a Christmas tree and a fireplace all in the same room, then put all of your sims in bed and wait for santa you will have to put them in bed before 10 pm or santa won't come, if santa does come he will leave fake presents under the tree, one for each of your family and then a real present like a chess table or something." - pinkpixie