The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Heres how to make a 'floating house' which is situated in the sky!
1. Build a simple two storey house without adding furniture yet.
2. Put all your walls up on the first and second floor.
3. Lay down some tiles on the floor of the second floor.
4. Go to the first floor.
5. Go to build mode.
6. Click on the wall tool.
7. Hold down control while you delete all the walls on the first floor.
8. Add a staircase to the first floor and voila, you have a floating home!" - cutie;pie

"your kids never have to go to school!! just make sure you have a bookcase or a computer in their room and make them study. if you get up to an A+ sometimes grandma or grandpa will give you some cash too!" - i have no name

"if u wont 2 get married u should use these tips.
1. Find the person u wont 2 marry
2. buy a spa
3. get the 2 in the spa
4. get them out of spa and kiss
5. propose to he/she" - Demo

"If you want your sim to fall inlove with you take them in the house an when they get in go to''build'' and delete the doors so they cant get out make do everything else the thre u go ur sims are falling in love" - Dat one

"Just put a wall fom the edges from your lot to the other edge and if you invite quests or people try to come to ur house then just use the cheat: shift+ctrl+c and enter "move_objects on" and click your guests and put them in ur house!!!!!!and do the cheat when the carpool comes to pick u up!!-Sophie" - No thevies