The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If you want to propose to someone, make sure that they're in a really good mood! (example- feed them right before and make sure they get some sleep. You may want to use MOVE_OBJECTS to save time.)" - monkey

"place the burglar alarms perpendicular to the door. the wall on which the alarm is placed must be very near the door. this ensures that when thieves arrive, the alarm will shriek and they'll be caught asap. (:" - rainbowballoon

"Having trouble getting your sims married? invite your sim over make sure they are near a 100% make them go into the hottub. The one that looks like a barrel start out with a wash sometimes they refuse on the first try. But try it again then start out with a little kiss then cuddle. Then go for the big move play. Have them do that 2 or more times then when they get out of the tub. Propose right away and I guaranteed they will get married" - LuvMyCatz

"this can cause a lot of problems if you live in a small house but have too much stuff and do not want too sell anything put your bed in a corner when you use it then when you have slept move it outside and make the bed outside so its tidy then rearange your house doing this can change the way it looks almost instantly." - ollie

"Buy the oriental fan and place near an entrance with an alarm. The fan costs less than 50 simoleons but insurance will pay over 3000 simoleons" - Gunther

"If your red bills start ticking and eventually blow up, Mr. Repoman will show up. For a laugh, do this: Build a small house next to your current one; make it a 2-story. Furnish it with cheap crud and, using move_objects on, put the Repoman in it when he is done stealing your item(s). Don't put any doors in at all. Works with everyone. MIght escape." - MacNerd

"if you have a boy and a girl sim make them kiss 2 times and a baby willl come along" - jdog#1