The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Hey guys, i got an object that is very useful(PURPOSE: Max all skills, and interest also the characters of your sims, i also gives 1,000,000 simoleans and about 1,000 magicoins, no need to use rosebud or anycheats that uses simoleans.... this stuff have it all, it also refreshes your sims mood all of them will get high mood, all your sims will rejuvenate..)... download it from" - Ivy

"Here is a tip for seeing sims nude or whatever. Create a family with adults only. (If you don't want some, just kill them off.) Now get 2 adults and make them romantic, and then get a lovetub and kiss and cuddle and stuff. Then, buy a love bed (costs something like $4,100 simoleans but just enter the rosebud code to make up for it) and get in it, and then have one of the sims Vibrate and one Relax. Then there is an option which says "Play in Bed." Click, then once your sims are under the covers click buy mode and enter "move_objects on" in the cheat box. pick up the love bed and move somewere else. You can see the nude sims in buy mode but choose live mode when you can see the sweethearts canoodling and stuff -- totally naked: breasts and all. Another tip for seeing your sims naked (i havent tried it but it might work) is get a child or adult in a shower/bath and when there are no more pixels covering the nude bits click buy mode and remove the bath. Your sims will now wash naked. A way of getting your sims to sleep in mid air or sit is to buy a sofa and then have your sim nap, then delete the sofa and VOILA they sleep on midair. And some sims kiss air: have your sims kiss, go to buy mode and then pull apart. This is soooo funny!!!
Danii xxx" - Danii

"You can save money on walls and have bigger rooms by puting the kitchen and the parlor in the same room. You can do the same thing with the study and the bedroom.


Telling your sim to use a telescope could get them abducted by aliens, and if you tell your sim to make a potion, they could get fined by the police." - Xebec

"Never delete your mailbox or visitors can't come.All you do is press ctrl shift c then in the top left hand side coner a small green box pops up. Type in move_objects on then press enter. Then get your sims to put the bill(s) on the table then delete them. When you create a character don't give them a personality or a biography. Then buy the potion set in missolanious.Then make a yellow potion and your personality will be full with everything.Then move the person away from you as far as possible then double click on them and at the same time press ctrl s* then a box should come up then type that person's biography.* You might have to do ctrl s a couple of times but what happens if the box doesn't come up it mens your game is saved." - lmhsit