The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If you really like how you decorated a house but you don't like the family. Kill the family living in the house (the easiest way is to put them in the pool and delete the ladders and go into hyperspeed). Then save the game and go back to the neighborhood, create a new famliy, move them into the house and all the furniture should be there. I've tried this and it worked!" - The Enthusiast

"if you have a baby you shuold play with it then when the baby turns in to a kid wichever sims played with the baby will have a better relationship as a kid" - ME

"if u want 2 have babies DO NOT let your sims with agood job position and good money take care of it, instead let the other sim do it, or if youre on the dark side, build walls over the baby's crib, and just let it cry." - douhafaclue

"Build a church nearby an enemy village and create 10-15 priests.
Any approaching enemy will be converted immediately and your army will grow without losin any supplies-." - Jackie66_6

"Do blah blah blah and upgrade to the feuderal age. Then build up an archery range. Stock up on the archers and if ur civilization is the English, make tons of Longbowmans. After u made a army of archers, spearman, etc etc, creep into the enemy's base. The point of having all the archers is that when 1 unit attempts to attack you, u all order ur archerz to shoot at him and he would die from all the arrows before he could touch ur army. Repeat. Then at last, attack the town center and everything else and win. (I recommend that you destroy the town centers and villigers first. That way, they cant build more stuff.
If the enemy is tough and wont give up, surround their city wid castles. then create as much as you can of ur special units, then attack. Guarrented to win unless u suck like cr@p.


Ah i forgot.... If it is a marshland wid sort of islands connected by thin land, block it. Even though u hav an ally or somthing, build a gate and lock it. Then get a transport ship from the dock and transport 1-5 villys to the enemy's/allies's land. build a town center there and then build tons of castles if its ur enemy's land. (you need a town center to make villys if they die.) if it is ur allies's, just build a town center and stock up on HIS econmy. then biuld and army and win!


To get the "sports car" "race car" (which is actually a Cobra Car...) You just have to type, how do you turn this on Then a car will come out of your original town center. It cost nothing, just 1 population. Build tons of 'em and wipe out enemy!

HAPPY HUNTINGS!!!~" - Robin Hood