The Sims Tips & Secrets

"When you have a baby, simply just make them go into a room, take of the door, buy a shower,toilet,stove,fridge,and everything else the sim needs. type in move_objects on , then move the mom and baby into that room." - Denise

"if your sim likes to eat pizza call the pizza man and when he gets there go to the place where you make your house and get the hand and zoom in on the pizza man take the pizza from his hands and set it on a table and serve it" - sv


"well 1st of all if your wanting a family of 2 keep 1 adult at home clleaning and doing the meals as the working one can get lots of sleep :P

dont decide on deleti ng ya sim for a better mood you can sometimes loose the job..." - Martiansmonkey

"when you propose to another sim and they say they can't dicide because they are hungrey and they do that every time well get you sims cooking skills full and the should not say that.they will say yes.


just a simple tip: when you have a party and that stupid mime come always delete him because he steals food and radios" - simgal3000

"If you want to save time getting skills up, then when you create a family, say you wanted 2 adults and 4 children, make 2 children and 4 adults, then before you click done change the 4adults back to children then change the 2 kids into adults. Click Done, and when you move them in the 4 kids grades are up to A+ and the adults have some skills. " - wheiel

"If u want a good skill for 'space and science or watever' make s/he nocternal and get higher skill!" - 'ello m8