The Sims Tips & Secrets

"This one is for all you maternal type out there. When your two sims have fallen in love keep them romantic with each other and before long one of them will ask the other if he/she wants a baby. Basic stuff I know but, once you have the baby you'll find that its very hard work. The real problem arrises when both of you sims go to bed at the same time (ish). As we all know the game time is trippled when this happen. right then this is our tip: Return the game to normal time otherwise you wont be able to hear the baby(s) cryingand before long if you neglect them to much a social worker will take your bouncying baby away. Hope this is helpful to someone." - Robert and Caroline

"This is really wierd, but, I got the sims that I was playing with up early to eat breakfast. And after breakfast, I got the mom to play the piano or something, and the kid to wach tv, and the dad was playing with the telescope. All was going good, but then something came out of the sky, ( like a space ship or something ) and took the dad right out of the yard, so the kid comes outside after this had happened and he started crying or something. The dad didn't evan come back to the yard until that evening, I don't think this happenes often, but it was so weird." - Dani

"ONE: If your Sims leave trash around on the floor or their dog(s) have peed, simply use the 'move_objects on' cheat, click the offending trash pile and delete it. This will save up on your Sims' energy and comfort bars. If the dog needs the scolding for more obedience points, just click on scold and then delete the piss pool. This way, the dog gets its points but your Sim doesn't need to waste energy cleaning up.

TWO: If you don't have a trash compactor but a dustbin and the latter is full, just go to the Buy mode, delete the dustbin and then buy a new one. It will thus be emptied without effort from your Sim (he/she needs the good mood points for his/her career)." - my own star

"To make a indoor "garden" room simply make a regular room, (don't put in floors yet) delete just one wall, and you will be able to put trees, hedges, bushes and flowers in that room. Then you can put in the walll you deleted and floorboards. You can make really cool rooms with this!" - jjennyjenjen

"If you missed work and your sims are about to get fired just delete the phone.If you don't anwser the phone you will still get fired.


To get free money have a lot of sim-kid and get there grades up to an A+ and have them go to school and when they get back each should get a $100 for grandpa or something/" - simgal3000